The Chemeketa Planner is a planner designed for students at Chemeketa Community College. The focus for this project was to encourage students to organize and prioritize their school and personal lives.

The cover is a repeating pattern with a series of icons I created. Each icon represents an essential tool used for school and I wanted the planner to be an essential tool used by students as well.

The interior is a weekly layout which breaks down hourly. The weeks follow the school’s week-by-week calendar per term and the hours are scheduled by their earliest and latest classes of the day. The hourly layout allows students to box around the times they have classes, work, and other scheduled events. Below the hours are spaces for deadlines and to-do lists so they can write in what is due or what they need to do for that day. As a new month begins through the term, a monthly layout will appear which provides holidays and school events that will happen for that month and inspirational quote.